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Handheld Contact: One-Year Subscription

Purchasing a 1-year subscription works out to just $7 per month.

  • Sync ACT! Contacts, Activities, Notes, History and more.
  • Wireless synchronization.
  • Use our feature-rich app for the ultimate mobile Act! experience.
  • Unlimited syncing.
  • E-mail support and self-service knowledge base included.
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Feature Highlights

The most popular, useful features of Act! are built into Handheld Contact so you can get more done while on the go.

  • Can manage ACT! data from Handheld Contact on mobile device without Internet access
  • Sync up to 15,000 Act! Contacts (unlimited for API)
  • Syncs securely using 128 bit encryption
  • Syncs all activities, including custom ones (and other users activities)
  • Syncs notes and histories both ways
  • Call, SMS, or Email from a Contact and record history of communication that syncs back to Act!
  • Syncs additional custom fields
  • Automatic wireless syncing
  • Syncs Contacts, Calendars, and Opportunities
  • Exports to mobile devices address book
  • Central admin console for all users (Classic)
  • Profiles for syncing multiple users (Classic)
  • Create, Edit & clear activities on the device
  • Create & Edit Contacts on the device
  • Create, Edit, and Close Opps on device
  • Web administration for accounts (Classic)
  • Mobile mapping of contacts and router preferences
  • Create & Send Quotes from mobile device based on Opps
  • Mail Merge to select contacts or Saved Searches
  • Tablets auto adjust between portrait and landscape mode

The Handheld Contact Difference

More than a mobile site or another basic sync app–Handheld Contact is an app you install on your mobile device that delivers an unrivaled Act! experience for real efficiency.

  • Designed for you
    Handheld Contact is not limited in functionality by your mobile device's Internet browser or its built-in contact and calendar. Our secure, independent mobile apps give us complete control over the user experience.
  • Caller ID
    Export contacts to the smartphone's native contact app for call display with all your Act! contacts.
  • Internet Not Required
    Handheld Contact's mobile app for smartphones and tablets securely stores your data locally so you can access and manage Act! data without Internet access.
  • Alarms
    Handheld Contact supports Act! Alarms and utilizes your mobile device's notification system, ringer, and vibrate features to alert you of your next activity.
  • Simple Setup
    Just about anyone can setup Handheld Contact. Our computer and mobile apps take care of the hard work so you do not need to be an expert with servers or networking to go mobile.
  • Predictable App Behaviour
    Because it is an independent app on your mobile device, Handheld Contact is always a click away and can always pick up on the screen you left off at. Other solutions that rely on the mobile device's Internet browser complicate navigating and confuse end-users.
  • Compatible with Act! Premium and Pro
    Since most organizations use Act! Premium or Pro, installing Handheld Contact requires no additional changes to their Act! environment.
  • Works Without The Act! Application
    Handheld Contact intelligently integrates with Act! and does not depend on the Act! application running or its database being open on the computer to interact with it. Handheld Contact users are unaffected if Act! is closed, unresponsive, or inaccessible over the Internet.
  • Records SMS History
    Handheld Contact creates history records from text messages you send on your smartphone.
  • Records E-mail History
    Handheld Contact creates history records from e-mails you send on your mobile device. The e-mail body is stored as well so no detail is ever missed.
  • Date & Phone Number Friendly
    Formatting and handling for dates and phone numbers seamlessly works in Handheld Contact regardless of where you are in the world.
  • Save Time With Voice-To-Text
    Simplify data entry in Handheld Contact with voice-to-text. It's fast and accurate so entering text when clearing activities, creating histories, creating note records, or adding details to any other text field is a breeze.


Purchase an MobileCare support plan specifically developed for Handheld Contact.

MobileCare support plan details:

  • MobileCare is associated with one individual user account.
  • 12 months of phone and email support (up to one 30 minute call per day). Support is defined as help with troubleshooting error messages occurring with installation, upgrades, basic usability and basic functionality.
  • Service beyond 30 minutes per day will be billed at $145/Hour.
  • MobileCare includes Level 1 & 2 Technical Support
  • Support does NOT cover application training or development
  • MobileCare does not include setting up your Act! Connect for your Web API, nor will we contact Swiftpage or your Hosting provider to ascertain your Web API address
  • MobileCare does not include Act! troubleshooting, or the configuration of Groups or User accounts within your Act! database. Please consult http://help.act.com, contact Swiftpage or your Act! consultant for Act! Support


Handheld Contact's standard contact sync limit is 15,000. For most of our customers this is more than enough, but if you're an Act! power user, we know you'll need more.

HHC+ gives you two options to increase your contact sync limit:

  • HHC+30:45,000 Contacts
  • HHC+15:30,000 Contacts


Act! v15 or higher is required to use HHC+.

Older mobile devices or entry-level mobile devices may experience performance problems when increasing from 15,000 to as high as 45,000 contacts. All mobile devices have performance limits and configurations that are out of our control making it impossible for us to determine if HHC+ will work for you. Newer mobile devices that we've tested have not demonstrated any degradation in performance.

HHC Secure+

HHC Secure+ utilizes HIPAA-compliant security features to protect your organization’s Act! data falling into the wrong hands. Available with new subscriptions or as an upgrade for your existing subscription:

  • Adds another layer of security to help protect your Act! data from unauthorized mobile access.
  • Available now for Android users and coming soon for iOS users.
  • With Secure+ enabled, the Handheld Contact admin can control when an in-app lock screen locks the app, how many password attempts are allowed, and whether or not to wipe all local data on the device.
  • Local Handheld Contact data on the device is encrypted.
  • Handheld Contact admins enjoy better control over Secure+ users and improved notifications.

HHC Secure+ gives you two options to increase your contact sync limit:

  • HHC Secure+30:45,000 Contacts
  • HHC Secure+15:30,000 Contacts

Mobile Device

Apple iOS
Handheld Contact for iOS is compatible with all Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple Touch devices running iOS 12.0 or higher.

Handheld Contact for Android is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running Android OS 8.0 or higher.

Act! Versions

Compatible versions of Act!:

  • Act! v24
  • Act! v23
  • Act! v22
  • Act! v21
  • Act! v20
  • Act! v19
  • Act! v18
  • Act! v17
  • Act! v16
  • Act! 2013 (15)
  • Act! for Web, Act! for Financial Professionals, and Act! for Real Estate


Compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on the server, computer, or laptop hosting the Act! database:

  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10

Self-help Knowledge Base

The Handheld Contact knowledge base includes solutions to most questions. Search and answer your questons anytime by visiting handheldcontact.com/support.

E-mail Support

Didn't find an answer to your question in the Handheld Contact knowledge base? E-mail support is available to everyone for basic questions – Create a ticket anytime and we'll get back to you.

Get MobileCare for the best support experience

Purchase the MobileCare Support Plan to compliment Handheld Contact e-mail and knowledge base support.

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