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Handheld Contact for Mac: One-Year Subscription

Purchasing a 1-year subscription works out to less than $7 per month.

  • Sync contact, activities, Opportunities, Notes, Histories, and more
  • Easy setup with no Windows software to install or configure
  • Supports multiple IOS and Android devices per account
  • No quantity limits on contact and opportunities
  • Sync directly with master database for faster more frequent updates
  • E-mail support & self-service knowledge base included
  • Requires Act! subscription & user must have "Web API" permissions.
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Feature Highlights

The most popular mobile client for Act! now syncs directly with your Act! database for faster, more frequent updates of unlimited contacts, opportunities, and activities, with support for more notes & histories than ever before.

  • Manage your Act! data from Handheld Contact without the need for an Internet connection.
  • Syncs securely with 128 bit encryption
  • All data available offline on your device for faster more reliable access from anywhere
  • Syncs all your activity types, and supports each of their custom outcomes, as well
  • Automatic syncing
  • Easy field mapping from your device
  • Easy setup with no Windows software to install or configure

The Handheld Contact Difference

More than a mobile website, Handheld Contact API is an app you install on your mobile device that syncs directly with your master Act! database to provide an unrivaled Act! experience without compromise.

  • Handheld Contact API securely stores the data locally so you can access your business-critical data faster and, since it is offline, from anywhere.
  • Greater data management with Handheld Contact API because our software manages the data locally, and is not reliant on the API to filter what you can see from Act!. You see only the data relevant to you.
  • Handheld Contact supports Act! alarms and utilizes your mobile devices notification system, ringer, or vibrate feature to alert you to upcoming events.


Purchase an MobileCare support plan specifically developed for Handheld Contact.

MobileCare support plan details:

  • MobileCare is associated with one individual user account.
  • 12 months of phone and email support (up to one 30 minute call per day). Support is defined as help with troubleshooting error messages occurring with installation, upgrades, basic usability and basic functionality.
  • Service beyond 30 minutes per day will be billed at $145/Hour.
  • MobileCare includes Level 1 & 2 Technical Support
  • Support does NOT cover application training or development
  • MobileCare does not include setting up your Act! Connect for your Web API, nor will we contact Swiftpage or your Hosting provider to ascertain your Web API address
  • MobileCare does not include Act! troubleshooting, or the configuration of Groups or User accounts within your Act! database. Please consult http://help.act.com, contact Swiftpage or your Act! consultant for Act! Support

Mobile Device

Apple iOS

Handheld Contact for IOS is compatible with all Apple phones, tablets, and Apple touch devices running iOS 11.0 or higher.


Handheld Contact API for Android is compatible with all Android phones and tablets with minimum OS version 8 (Oreo).

Act! Versions

Act! subscription with Act! v18 or higher required, with each HHC user having “Web API” permission. Act! Pro or off-plan Premium users are NOT eligible to use Handheld Contact API.

Act! End User Requirements

End user must have:

  • "Standard", "Manager" or "Administrator" security privileges as well as assigned WebAPI permissions.
  • A current Act! subscription with Swiftpage to have access to the Web API feature.

Self-help Knowledge Base

The Handheld Contact knowledge base includes solutions to most questions. Search and answer your questons anytime by visiting handheldcontact.com/support.

E-mail Support

Didn't find an answer to your question in the Handheld Contact knowledge base? E-mail support is available to everyone for basic questions – Create a ticket anytime and we'll get back to you.

Get MobileCare for the best support experience

Purchase the MobileCare Support Plan to compliment Handheld Contact e-mail and knowledge base support.

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