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Sync Subscription Upgrades

Increase Contact Limit

You can upgrade your subscription and increase its contact limit up to 45,000.

Handheld Contact's standard contact sync limit is 15,000. For most of our customers this is more than enough, but if you're an Act! power user, we know you'll need more.

You have two options to increase your contact sync limit:

  • Add 30,000 Contacts: 45,000 Contact Sync Limit and upgrades your subscription to HHC+30 or HHC Secure+30
  • Add 15,000 Contacts: 30,000 Contact Sync Limit and upgrades your subscription to HHC+15 or HHC Secure+15


Act! v15 or higher is required to use HHC+.

Older mobile devices or entry-level mobile devices may experience performance problems when increasing from 15,000 to as high as 45,000 contacts. All mobile devices have performance limits and configurations that are out of our control making it impossible for us to determine if HHC+ will work for you. Newer mobile devices that we've tested have not demonstrated any degradation in performance.

Increase you contact limit