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Restore your Act! data.

HHC Restore is a service available for those that have lost their Act! database due to corruption or hard drive failure, and are looking to recover as much data as possible from Handheld Contact on their device. The restore applies to the one user account only.

HHC Restore is a service that is purchased online and applied to your account for 2-weeks for a cost of $200. Customers with MobileCare (sold separately) can get assistance at no extra charge.

Service Description:

  • HHC Restore can recover all field data, Histories, Notes, Opportunities, and Secondary Contacts in the HHC database, as well as the database schema information stored there. Data from fields not mapped to HHC cannot be restored, nor can activity data for other users.
  • History data are subject to existing character limits for fields in HHC.
  • For security reasons, only Act! Administrators can use the HHC Restore process.

Service limitations:

Before purchasing HHCRestore, please review the limitations. Click here to see limitations

System requirements:

  • Must have Act! v21+ installed
  • Latest Handheld Contact application on device.
  • .NET 4.6.1+ required (included in installer)
  • (iOS only) Windows 8.1 and higher
  • (iOS only) Latest version of iTunes.
  • (Android only) ES File Explorer application